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With the new technologies Kepler window films are bringing to this industry, we can offer a window film to solve almost any window related problem you may have.

From our unparalleled heat reduction to enhanced clarity, the advanced solutions offered by Kepler window films solve a broad spectrum of window-related concerns. Our window films are not just about improving aesthetics; they are about elevating your overall windows performance.

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Kepler Automotive

Explore our distinctive collection of premium window films tailored for automotive, residential, and commercial tinting needs. If you’re unsure about the perfect film choice, dive into our immersive Kepler Experience gallery, offering an interactive way to discover our diverse film options like never before.

Kepler Architectural

Our Window Film Services​

Experience the Difference with Our Kepler Dealers: Providing Comprehensive and Tailored Window Film Services for Automotive, Residential, and Commercial Spaces, Ensuring Maximum Comfort, Privacy, and Energy Efficiency – Discover the Perfect Solution by Exploring the Options Below

Automotive window tinting

Add style, reduce heat and increase value with car window tinting services.


Residential window tinting

Prevent the UV and heat from entering your home and save on energy bills by using a home window tinting service.


Commercial window tinting

Once a premium quality window film is installed in your building, you will have far less use for air-conditioning meaning can pay for itself.

Why use Kepler Window Films

Experience unparalleled comfort and protection with Kepler window film, designed to enhance the performance and appearance of any window or space in ten remarkable ways:

Enhanced Privacy

Kepler window films provide increased privacy for your car, shielding the interior from prying eyes and ensuring a more comfortable and secure driving experience.

UV Protection

Our window films block harmful UV rays, safeguarding you and your passengers from potential skin damage and reducing the risk of interior fading or cracking.

Glare reduction

Our films reduce glare from sunlight, oncoming headlights, and reflections, enhancing your visibility and safety while driving.

Improved safety

In case of an accident, Kepler window films help hold shattered glass together, reducing the risk of injury from flying glass fragments.


With a range of shades and finishes, Kepler window film offer an attractive way to personalize your car’s appearance and make it stand out on the road.


Crafted from high-quality materials, Kepler window films are designed to provide lasting benefits, ensuring you enjoy the advantages of window tinting for years to come.

Tried And Trusted

Kepler has earned the trust and confidence of major brands worldwide, thanks to its proven track record of delivering exceptional quality and reliable window film solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

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