A guide to cleaning your tinted windows [Infographic]

A guide to cleaning your tinted windows [Infographic]

If you are looking for an excellent investment for your home or vehicle, window film Irvine CA might be the one for you. A window film or tint is a window treatment that is adhered to the surface of a glass. It is a thin layer of protective sheet designed to protect you, your furniture, and vehicle upholstery from the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays. Moreover, these tints can also be used to improve your security and the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

Like your vehicle, taking care of your tinted windows is also necessary to ensure that you will get your money’s worth. However, if you are a first-timer, you might be clueless about the proper maintenance of your window film Deridder LA. That being said, here is a guide that can help you in cleaning and taking care of your tinted windows.

Window tint aftercare installation

The days after having your windows tinted are the most crucial. This can determine whether or not you will be able to use your tint in the long run. The most important care instruction you should remember after installing your window tints is never to lower your windows until 72 hours have passed. This is because the usual curing process of window tints lasts up to three days. Rolling down your windows without fully curing them can result in bubbling and peeling of the tint.

In addition, you should also wait for three days before cleaning your tinted windows. You have to wait for the film to dry thoroughly before exposing it to a cleaning solution. Your windows will be cleaned during the process of installation. The cloudiness and haziness you might encounter during the curing process are normal and will clear up as soon as the solution dries.

A Guide To Cleaning Your Tinted Windows - Infographic

Cleaning materials If you are picky with the cleaning materials you use for your bare windows, then you must be choosier when selecting cleaning materials for your tinted windows. There are solutions that you need to avoid to ensure the longevity of your window tints. Ammonia-based cleaning solutions are one of the things you should avoid. Ammonia can cause discoloration to your window tints. Moreover, abrasive cleaning materials such as brushes, paper towels, and the like could cause unwanted scratches. Steps to clean your windows Cleaning your tinted windows does not have to be stressful. While you have to be careful with the materials you will use, there is nothing to worry about. To help you, here are some steps on how to clean tinted windows.

  1. Park your car in a shady spot
  2. Open the doors of your car and look for heavily soiled areas on the windows
  3. Remember to use ammonia-free cleaner and wipe your windows with a soft cloth, preferably micro-fiber
  4. Clean your windows starting from the top and moving down
  5. If there is liquid near the edges of the tinted film, wipe it immediately with a towel

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