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The Ecliptic 06 – Kepler Home Window Film in Austin, Texas, is an innovative solution for architecture which addresses a multitude of needs for homeowners living in Texas, the Lone Star State. specifically designed to reduce heat the window film uses the latest technology to keep your interiors cool, which is crucial in Austin’s hot weather. 

Apart from its thermal-control benefits it excels in decreasing glare, creating an improved visual experience for the residents. The distinctive tint provides an additional layer of privacy, making windows into a one-way barrier without sacrificing access to sunlight. The Ecliptic 06 is a great choice for Austin, Texas homeowners seeking to improve both the functionality and appearance of their homes The Ecliptic 06 – Kepler Home Window Film is a versatile and effective selection.

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Our customer from Austin, Texas reached out to our authorized dealer certain needs: they required an ultra-high-quality window film that could give them the most privacy, without compromising their views of the stunning Texan landscape. After analyzing the needs and requirements of the client it was evident that the Ecliptic 06 Kepler home Window Film was the perfect solution for their home.

Utilizing the latest technology This window film does offers exceptional resistance to heat of more than 80percent, making the Austin house incredibly more comfortable and energy efficient as well as addressing the sometimes conflicting issues of maintaining the privacy of your home while preserving visibility outward. The distinctive tinting process transforms windows into one-way barriers which allows inhabitants to take advantage of their indoor spaces without feeling uncomfortable but still having an unobstructed view of the outside world.

Our customers can enjoy two of the most desirable worlds, enjoying an energizing, cooler living space, and the tranquility which comes with improved privacy. This is all without compromising their ability to take in the natural beauty surrounding your Austin home. Selecting the Ecliptic 06 Kepler home Window Film has enabled them to enjoy a greater standard of living and meet the requirements of security, comfort and aesthetics.

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