Cleaning materials for your vehicle [Infographics]

Cleaning materials for your vehicle [Infographics]

Having a vehicle is a dream that not everyone can afford to fulfill. Cars are major investments because they require spending a massive amount of money. Because of this, it is only expected for car owners to ensure that their vehicles are well maintained. And when it comes to proper maintenance, cleaning your car regularly is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to maintain it.

However, not every car owner knows the specific and appropriate vehicle cleaning materials. Some usually grab a cloth and wash their car with a cleaning solution or soap and water, while the others opt for car wash, which can be costly if done regularly. To save you from the additional car washing cost, here are the cleaning materials you can use for your vehicle.


The primary purpose of the bucket is to hold the water you will use for your cleaning. But aside from this, you can also use it as a container for the other cleaning materials you will use between washes. It is necessary to have two buckets to have a container for the plain water and the soapy water.

Car Shampoo

You should remember never to use cleaning soaps or detergents in cleaning your car. These soaps are considered abrasive and can do more harm than good. Their formulas are not designed for car paint, and they might even strip off your car paint’s protective wax. Instead, use a car shampoo that will help keep your vehicle’s exterior clean and shiny.

Cleaning Materials For Your Vehicle - Infographic

Car wash mitts or microfiber towel

Although it is probably a lot easier and more convenient to use any towel to clean your car, that is simply not advisable. The materials of these towels might seem harmless, but they can cause unwanted scratches to your vehicle. Alternatively, using car wash mitts is much preferable. But if you cannot find car wash mitts, you can also use towels. But you have to make sure that the towels you will use are made of microfiber or sheepskin materials.

Wheel Brush

You might think that your wheels do not need any cleaning since they will just get dirty. But you have to know that clean wheels will help you avoid corrosion and ensure that their dirt will not get into your car’s body. In cleaning them, it is important to remember that you must wash them one wheel at a time to avoid the water, soap, and chemicals from drying up before you even get to the other wheels.

A wheel brush is going to be your best friend when washing and keeping the alloys of your vehicle’s wheels clean. Make sure that when you purchase a wheel brush, its bristles must be soft enough to avoid scratching the metal of your car wheels.

Glass cleaner

Dirty car windows can obstruct your vision while driving; thus, it can cause an accident. This is why it is essential to have your windows cleaned as well. But in doing so, you must remember to avoid ammonia-based products when cleaning your windows especially, if your windows are tinted. Ammonia can cause your tints to bubble, discolor, or become brittle. You should also never use abrasive cleaning materials such as brushes, paper towels, and the likes. Instead, you should choose microfiber cloth and appropriate glass cleaners.

Now, when you already have all the necessary cleaning materials for your vehicle, investing in materials to prolong your vehicle’s life span is the wisest choice to make. And car window tinting Irvine CA is one of the best investments you can make.

Window films Irvine CA are a thin layer of protective sheets adhered to the glass surface of your windows. These tints are designed to ensure that you and your vehicle’s interior are protected from harmful UV rays. Moreover, window tints can also provide additional security, privacy, and aesthetics for your car.

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