Different Types of Window Tints

Different Types of Window Tints

Purchasing a vehicle is a dream that most people want to achieve. After all, it is an excellent reward for all of your hard work. And when a person already owns one, it is pretty much understandable why they go through lengths just to take care of their auto. Some even spend massive amounts of money for their vehicle’s maintenance, tools, designs, and the likes. But if you are looking for a superb and beneficial car investment, then car window tinting Irvine CA is perfect for you.

What is window tint?

A window film Irvine CA or window tint is a thin layer of protective sheet adhered to the interior or exterior of a glass surface. These films are designed to protect your car from the damaging effects of UV rays and provide you with an extra layer of privacy and security. Furthermore, window tints are a great way to add a brand new aesthetic to your vehicle.

Window tints are commonly installed in the front and rear side windows, and back windows of a car, but it would still depend on where you want them. However, you must remember that states have strict window tint laws that you should abide by. Some states do not entirely allow window tints on the front side windows, while others only have VLT limitations. Either way, you must remember to follow them as non-compliance could be punishable by paying hefty fines or even placing you in jail.

There are different window tints, and all of them are designed according to needs and preferences. So before you have your windows tinted, here are a few types of window tints.

Dyed Tint

Dyed is the cheapest kind of tint, which most drivers use. These tints can easily block glare from headlights, sun, and other bright reflections. They also do not interfere with your technology as they do not block radio waves. Moreover, this kind of tint has non-reflective properties, can provide the darkest effect, and helps in reducing the fading of your vehicle’s interior parts.

Although dyed tints can fulfill their purpose, they have the lowest quality, given that they are the cheapest kind of tint. Their colors fade quicker than other types of window films. Apart from this, they can have a bubbling appearance if not installed correctly.

Metalized Tint

Metalized tints are the second option in the list. Like the dyed ones, metalized tints can also block glare and UV rays. They also have more durable features, do not fade quickly, and block and reflect more heat than dyed tints. However, metalized tints have their cons as well.

Unlike dyed tints, the metalized ones interfere with radio and other technology such as cellphone signals. So perhaps, you are a businessman who needs to use your phone a lot, this tint is not the ideal one for you.

Hybrid Tint

Are you looking for a tint that has the advantages of dyed and metalized tints? Here is your answer–hybrid tint.

This type of tint can block heat, glares, and UV rays, pretty much like dyed and metalized. Hybrid tints also do not have a reflective appearance making them perfect for your preferred aesthetics. Furthermore, the hybrid ones do not interfere with electronics, have increased durability, do not fade fast, and are even cheaper than metalized tints. The only disadvantage that they have is they are more expensive than dyed tints. So if your goal is to save up while protecting your windows, hybrid tints might not be the one you are looking for.

Carbon Tint

If your goal is to protect your car windows with one of the best tints out there, carbon tint is perfect for you. Aside from its higher price than the other tints, this tint does not have any other disadvantages.

Carbon tints do not give a reflective or mirror look. So if your priority is the aesthetics of your vehicle, this will not be a problem. These tints also give off an authentic black appearance, and they are even fade-resistant. In addition, carbon tints are excellent in protecting you and your car’s interior from harmful UV rays.

Ceramic Tint

Last on the list is the ceramic tint. This tint is the most expensive of all tints, which can be an issue if you are on a budget. But its price is reasonable as this tint can provide you with many benefits that other tints cannot offer.

Unlike dyed and hybrid tints, ceramic tints can absorb twice as much heat. They also allow electrical signals through that metalized tints fail to offer. On top of that, ceramic tints do not fade, are not reflective, and do not impede your ability to see what’s ahead of you. They can also block heat, UV rays, and glare and are probably the most technologically advanced tint.

These five tints are what you will most likely see in a window tint shop. And all these cater to different needs and preferences. This is why you need to do your research about what kind of tint is suitable for your vehicle. But if you are still confused even after doing your research, worry no more because KEPLER Window Films and Coatings can help you.

KEPLER is your local window tint company composed of professionals who would be more than willing to walk you through the differences of each tint. Aside from this, we at KEPLER also make sure that we offer our clients the best quality of products and services. If you want to know more about us and what we do, you can check out our website at www.kepler-dealer.com.





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