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Kepler window film stands as the ultimate choice for those seeking protection from harsh UV and IR rays without sacrificing style. Our film delivers superior comfort and safety for your home, all while enhancing its aesthetic appeal with a unique finish. 

In addition to providing exceptional protection and aesthetics, Kepler window films are designed for durability and energy efficiency. With our advanced technology, these films help regulate your home’s temperature, leading to significant energy savings. Moreover, they are resistant to peeling, cracking, and fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance.

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Find Comfort with Kepler's home Window Film

With Kepler Window Film, your home’s comfort can be improved. Our cutting-edge films regulate heat and light to create cozy interiors. They reduce heat buildup by blocking up to 85% of heat and save energy by using less air conditioning. Additionally, they block out 99% of UV rays, preventing fading of your interiors. Kepler Films still guarantee a clear view of the outside despite their high level of protection. Make Kepler Window Film your first choice for a cozy, effective, and lovely home.

Heat reduction

Kepler architectural series of window films can reject as much as 85% of the total solar energy from entering your home.


Choose from one of our Dual-Reflective series for an effective “one-way” finish to allow for optimum privacy in your home.


Many businesses are looking to cameras as a deterrent, but Kepler K-Shield security window film offered by Kepler can delay break-ins all together.

UV protection

We care about our customers, this is why all of our films come with 99.9% UV protection to prevent unwanted fading.

Aesthetic window film

Outdated buildings can lower team moral or even make it hard to lease a property out. Window tinting is the most cost effective way to achieve this.
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Welcome to the Kepler architectural experience

We know just how important choosing the right film is! Sometimes looking at a still image is not a true representation of the finished product! That is why we have integrated the full Kepler Experience on our website to help you make the perfect choice for your car tint project.

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