How to get the best window tinting deals

How to get the best window tinting deals

Back in the day, window tints were a luxury not everyone could afford. Today, almost every car owner is convinced that window tints are excellent long-term investments and has their windows tinted. Window tints offer numerous benefits, such as protection against the sun’s harsh rays, privacy, security, and style. Overall, car window tinting can generally improve the quality of the ride and the comfort of both you and your passengers.

However, despite all the advantages you can get by tinting your windows, some still think that window tints are just unnecessary luxury. And no one can blame them. Window tints can come at a hefty price. Although this is true, the long-term benefits that come with it can outweigh its price. And if you try installing window tints, you will eventually realize that this investment can help you save more money in the long run.

Also, with a few trade secrets, you can save a little (or even a lot). So, buckle up for here are some of the ways you can do to get the best window tinting deals.

Never compromise the quality

Many companies may claim they specialize in window tints, but not every one of them will be telling you the truth. Some window tint shops will offer you a low-priced window tint, so affordable that it becomes so tempting to grab the opportunity. But you have to snap out of it. You have to check the tint’s quality, as well as the quality of service the shop will devote to your vehicle.

Always go for the company that promises and delivers a premium service and product. A cheap window tint might be a dream, but this might give you headaches in the long run. Cheap quality tints could bubble, peel, get scratched, or fade within months. It will be like you have paid for benefits without actually getting them.

Opt for companies with warranties

Window tint companies that offer warranties are expectedly much expensive than those that do not have. But you have to remember that warranties are not entirely for the company’s protection but more for you. A reliable window tint company will be confident about its product and service. They will be professional enough to assure you that they are ready to help you if an issue arises.

If a company is willing to offer a lifetime warranty is a green flag and usually means two things: One, they trust their product enough, and they are sure that it will not be ruined easily. Two, you can trust that their customer service is great and they would not make an attempt to run away with your money.


Although window tints seem similar, they still have differences. There are many types of window tints, and all of them are made for a specific need. There are dyed, metalized, hybrid, carbon, and ceramic tints. And each of these is designed specifically for its unique purposes.

Apart from this, each type of window tint also differs in price. This is why you should do your research to know what you need and want. This way, you can budget your money and choose the perfect window tint for you.

Know when to get your tints

Before deciding which company you would choose to tint your car, do a little research and canvassing. Some companies offer holiday deals, especially during winter. Most car owners think that the best time to have their windows tinted is during fall or summer, making the demand during winter lower than the other seasons. Knowing this can help you score a great deal and save more money.

Where to get the best tints for your car?

With the numerous window tint shops in the industry, choosing a reliable window tint company can be pretty overwhelming. However, not everyone delivers what they have promised. To help you narrow down your choices, KEPLER Window Films and Coatings is here for you.

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