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Keeping your car cool is a challenge if you live in Greensboro, NC, with added humidity during the hot
summer months. The constant glare of sunlight and UV rays passing through the auto glass can create a
worse driving experience. Car owners can combat this issue by having professional window tint
companies install tints for windows.

KEPLER Window Films and Coatings offers reliable window tinting in Greensboro, NC. Few products
available today offer such a wide range of consumer benefits and incredible value. No matter what your
application, KEPLER window films come with an array of advantages.

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the application of a coating or thin-film applied to glass. It is primarily used to reduce
the amount of sunlight that passes through the glass. It comes in a variety of shades and applications.
The darker the shade, the less light will penetrate the glass.

Always check with your local tinting laws to avoid any hassle after installation. Some states have a
a certain level of the recommended level of tint as significantly darker ones are often frowned upon by
law enforcers.

Installing window films is a significant investment for a long time. As such, it is essential to choose a
professional window tint company like KEPLER to ensure that you are getting the correct window tint for
your car. Additionally, they have a reliable team of experts that will handle the best installation possible.

Why Install KEPLER Window Tint in Greensboro?

KEPLER provides professional-grade window films with an insistence on quality throughout each product
range. Once installed, make use of the advantages you can get from our auto window tints:

● UV Protection and reduced heat – Our automotive window tints provide SPF 1,000 protection
block 99% of harmful UV rays responsible for skin damage and interior fading. Thanks to the
nano-ceramic particle technology, it can also reject 98% of infrared heat, keeping you
comfortable and protected no matter the weather.
● Privacy and Security – KEPLER window films can slow down or prevent a break-in by making it
harder for opportunist intruders to perform a smash & grab. Additionally, it can prevent prying
eyes from seeing inside your car.
● Greater Clarity – Enjoy increased privacy & improved outbound daytime visibility with the
benefit of reduced glare. KEPLER window films are built to provide premium optical clarity.
● Unique Style – KEPLER has window tints to enhance the comfort and appearance of your car.
Window films are offered in a wide variety of shades with a finish to suit every application.

KEPLER Residential and Commercial Window Films 

KEPLER window films come with an array of benefits, whether for your residential or commercial
space. These benefits include improving safety, and privacy, reducing sun glare and lowering energy costs. At KEPLER, we cater to the diverse needs of our clients to ensure excellent customer satisfaction at all times. Our window films will enable you to enjoy comfort and safety indoors.

Why Choose KEPLER Window Films and Coatings for Your Window Tinting?

KEPLER Window Films is committed to supplying only competitively priced, professional quality window
film products through a network of experienced and dedicated regional installers dedicated to serving
their customers.

The combination of advanced technologies and our practical understanding of the industry has made us
a global grand the leading choice for professional dealers and installers throughout North America and
the rest of the world. If you entrust the installation of your window tints with KEPLER, you can to
assured of resilient and stylish window tints for years to come.

Get Your Window Films Installed by KEPLER Window Films and Coatings

Whether you’re looking to keep your car cool, add privacy to the home, or protect your business, we
have a window film solution for you! With KEPLER, you can guarantee the best service using only the
highest quality products.

Contact us now by sending us an email at Find your nearest KEPLER window
tinter in Greensboro, NC, here.






Your Kepler window film specialists are dedicated to providing you with the best service using the best products, right here in Greensboro, North Carolina. So whether you’re looking to keep your car cool, add privacy to the home or protect your business, we have a window film solution for you!






Live in Comfort and Safety.

Whether you're concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, glare or security, we have a window tint to enhance the comfort and appearance of your property.

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