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If you live anywhere in Riverside, CA, and you want to have some time for yourself or catch up with some good friends, the place is just right as places like theme parks and good restaurants are within the area. Driving around the city and going to a neighboring beach just 46 minutes apart from Riverside is one of the best things to do during the hot summer days. So, make sure that your car is well checked, and window films are correctly installed to avoid skin damage because sunny days can be swelteringly hot.

Avoid the sun's harmful UV rays and the humid weather while traveling through window films by KEPLER Window Films and Coatings. KEPLER's window tinting services offer a wide range of consumer benefits of really incredible value. So, whatever your window film preference would be while exploring Riverside, CA, we have the best solution for your window tinting needs.

What is Window Tinting?
It is the process of installing a thin film in your car window's interior to control the amount of light that penetrates through the vehicle's glass window. The window films help control the light from the outside environment and give your car interior a more relaxed feel. The darker the shade of the window film, the lesser the light can go through it.

However, there are car window tinting laws to follow in Riverside, and one must be familiar with the laws to help you choose the right shade of your car's window film.

Why install KEPLER Window Tint in Riverside?
We at KEPLER ensure that our products are consistent and premium in quality. Our professional-grade auto window films are crafted with the latest technologies, and once installed, you can enjoy the advantages listed below:

• UV Protection and reduced heat – Our window film products can reject over 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting the occupants and the vehicle's interior while ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.

• Privacy and Security – Enjoy increased privacy and prevent snooping eyes from seeing inside your car. Additionally, KEPLER auto window films provide an additional layer of security by making it harder for opportunist intruders to perform a smash & grab.

• Greater Clarity – The multi-layer nano construction in our auto window tints ensures ultra-high performance without reducing outbound visibility. KEPLER window tints are designed to provide greater clarity every time.

• Unique Style – Choose the right tint level for your car windows to give your vehicle a brand-new look so you can drive in your most comfortable style.

• Crystal Clear Signal – In a digital world, clear communication is vital. KEPLER's auto window tints will not interfere with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals.

Aside from cars, KEPLER also caters to clients who need exceptional residential and commercial window tinting in Riverside, CA, that will allow families and office workers to enjoy comfort and safety inside their homes and offices.

Here are some of the many advantages that KEPLER window films can provide your home and office spaces:

• Multiple finishes available
• Reduce interior temperatures
• Increase comfort indoors
• UV protection
• Improve privacy and reduce glare
• Lower energy costs
• Deter unauthorized entry
• Endless design options
• Saves money and clean up

Why Choose KEPLER Window Films and Coatings for Your Window Tinting?

KEPLER window Films and Coatings are part of a global brand and are the leading choice for professional dealers and installers in the industry of window coating. We are also a part of the MBKR International group with over 500 locations and counting. With KEPLER, Riverside residents can rest assured that their auto window tints are durable and last for a long time, as it comes with very agreeable strong warranties.

Contact KEPLER Window Films and Coatings Today!

At KEPLER, we are dedicated to serving our valued customers with the best services and highest quality products. Whether for automotive, residential, or commercial purposes, with KEPLER, you can ensure to have resilient and stylish window films for years to come.

Contact us today! You can look for the nearest KEPLER window tinter via, or fill out our online form for a free quote below.






Your Kepler window film specialists are dedicated to providing you with the best service using the best products, right here in Arvada, Colorado. So whether you’re looking to keep your car cool, add privacy to the home or protect your business, we have a window film solution for you!






Live in Comfort and Safety.

Whether you're concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, glare or security, we have a window tint to enhance the comfort and appearance of your property.

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