Maintain Comfortable Temperature with Window Tints

Maintain Comfortable Temperature with Window Tints

It is only expected that winter and summer are two of the most awaited seasons all year round. Typically, summer is when you can enjoy a planned getaway with your friends or family. While during the winter months, most families gather together to celebrate the holidays. So it is only understandable if your home will be filled with many people during these seasons. That being said, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature for you and your loved ones is a must.

But the question is, how will you make your home cozy or cool enough when the temperatures reach their peak during the winter and summer? Simple, the answer is window tints.

You probably have heard about window tinting Pueblo CO as one of the most popular car modifications. But do you know that they are not only meant for vehicles? This process can also be done for commercial and residential spaces. And just like the benefits that car owners get from tinting their auto windows, homeowners could also enjoy these advantages.

Are window tints effective in minimizing heat?

Window film Pueblo CO, more commonly known as window tints, are thin layers of protective sheets designed to provide you with numerous benefits that include keeping your home’s temperature at a comfortable level.

When you search online about the ratings of window tints’ light transmittance, you will see that they only indicate the percentage of light that could penetrate your space or the amount of light blocked when your windows are tinted. You will not see any information about the cooling levels window tints can provide.

However, there are studies (such as those conducted by F.M. Nasir and M.A. Jasni in 2012) that answer whether or not window tints have cooling effects. In their study titled Experimental Comparison Study of the Passive Methods in Reducing Car Cabin Interior Temperature,” they showed that tinted windows could be effective in blocking out heat.

The study has also used sunshades to compare it with window tints. Initially, the research indicated that sunshades did better blocking out heat than tinted windows. However, as the study continued, they found out that the cooling effect of sunshades only affects the region near the windows. On the other hand, window tints show that it lowered the temperature by 8°C compared to only 2°C of sunshades.

This scientific study proved that window tints are effective in blocking heat and can also function as excellent insulators. Given all that, you can be guaranteed that window films can contribute to keeping your home warm or cool enough during extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of using tinting your windows

Window tints have proven that they can provide multiple benefits to its users. Advantages such as an extra layer of privacy and protection against UV rays are just some of the great things you can get from having your windows tinted. But its benefits do not end there.

Health benefits – During the summer and wintertime, health issues can quickly arise. Due to the extremities of the weather during this season, medical emergencies such as heatstroke and hypothermia can be prevalent. And without proper home insulation, you and your loved ones might end up being in this situation.

Utility costs – Utility costs typically soar during the summer and winter seasons due to the constant use of air conditioning units or heaters to ensure that your place will always be comfortable. Because of this, you will be obliged to pay more when you could have avoided these from happening by tinting your windows.

Where to purchase quality window tints?

Because of the numerous benefits window tints have proven to give, it is no longer surprising how the tinting industry gained popularity. Nowadays, tinting has become more of a need than a want. And because of this, many companies will try to offer you their products and services. However, not every one of them can truthfully deliver.

But worry no more because KEPLER Window Films and Coatings is among the most reliable window tint shops out there. With shops placed in over 500 locations in the US, KEPLER has shown integrity and quality to its customers.

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