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A how-to guide in removing your old window tints [Infographic]

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Window tints are one of the most common car accessories out there. It is not a surprise that almost every car owner invests in quality window tints for their vehicle. Who would not? Window tints ensure the longevity of your car. These thin layers of films are designed to protect not only you but your car as well. Aside from that, window tints are also meant to provide additional privacy and aesthetics for your vehicle. And naturally, all these benefits come with a price.

Like other investments, window tints can cost you some dollars. This is why most car owners try to make sure they get their money’s worth by holding onto their window tints for as long as they can. Generally, the life span of your window tints would depend on their quality, how much sunlight it was exposed to, and the quality of the installation. Cheap quality window tints are expected to degrade way faster than premium quality ones. Needless to say, you will get what you pay for.

But whether you choose cheap or premium quality window tints, everything, including window tints, will deteriorate with time and age. Discoloration and formation of bubbles are two of the most prominent symptoms you might encounter that will tell you that you already need to replace your window tints. Typically, professionals do the replacement of window tints to ensure you won’t end up with a sticky mess. But if by any chance you have to postpone your tint replacement schedule, you can initially remove your old window tints and avoid having your vision obstructed.

What you need

● Razor Blades

● Dishwashing soap

● Soft cloth

● Spray bottle

● Water

● Glass Cleaner

What to do

Once you have your materials ready, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

Cut a small portion in one corner of the film

Using the razor blade, make a small incision on the corner of the film. Your windows or windshield would not be scratched easily as long as you remember not to press the blade deeply.

Peel the film off slowly

Slowly peel the window tint starting from the corner you have cut open. Try to do this step slowly so you can take off the entirety of the window tint in one go. However, if the film did not peel off in one piece, you can lift the edge of the film using the razor blade, and then you can resume peeling until you take everything off.

Spray soapy water mixture on the windows

In the spray bottle, mix a small amount of dishwashing soap and water. You do not have to be specific with the measurements. All you have to remember is it has to be soapy enough. Once you are done preparing the mixture, spray a generous amount to the parts exposed to the adhesive.

Let it sit and soak

After spraying enough amount of the soapy mixture, let it sit and soak for a moment. This gives the soapy water time to soften up the adhesive, making it easier for you to do the next step.

Scrape the adhesives left behind

You will need the razor blade to scrape off the adhesive residue left on the glass for the next step. If you are worried about scratching your windows, you just need to gently scrape them and ensure that the glass is wet enough. If the glass dries up, you can simply spray more soapy water and repeat the process until you remove all the residue.

Clean the windows

Once you have fully gotten rid of the tint and its adhesive residue, make sure to clean your windows. To clean your windows, all you need to do is get a glass cleaner and soft cloth. If you do not have a glass cleaner, you can use the dishwashing soap and water mixture. But you have to remember never to use ammonia-based cleaners. You must also avoid using abrasive cleaning products as these can cause scratches.

Removing old window tints can be a pretty easy job. By doing this, you are prepping your vehicle for a new coat of film. Just remember to be careful not to scratch your windows to ensure that your next window tints will be just as smooth and perfect.

And if you are looking for a window tint company that can install new coats of film for you, KEPLER Window Films and Coatings could be a perfect choice. This window tint company comprises experts and professionals whose commitment is to deliver you the best quality of products and services. To know more about KEPLER, you can visit their website at


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