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Debunking window tint myths [Infographic]

Being a car owner does not end at finally purchasing a vehicle. Owning a car entails different responsibilities as well. You have to make sure that your auto is well taken care of for it to last long and for you to get your money’s worth. Among the investments you can provide your vehicle is window tinting.

Window tinting offers various advantages that can improve the quality of your driving and your vehicle’s overall look. However, if this is the first time you have owned a car, you might have encountered some window tint misconceptions. These myths might have added to your confusion. While some of these may be based on facts, the others are just simply absurd.

So if you are planning to install window tints for your vehicle, take your time to check what window tints can and cannot provide and do for your car. Here is the truth behind some of the myths surrounding window tints.

Window tints are only for the rich

Just like any other investment, window tints indeed come at a hefty price as well. And you might be thinking that you can live just fine without having your car windows tinted. Well, you can. However, window tinting is one of the best vehicle investments you can spend your money on.

Window tints are a long-term investment that can help you save more money and even provide you peace of mind. These protective films help in making your vehicle more comfortable during extreme weather conditions. In addition, they can also keep your vehicle’s interior from being damaged by the harsh rays of the sun. These two alone can already save you from spending too much on car repairs.

Window tints will just eventually fade and bubble out

This myth is one of the few misconceptions that are based on facts. Window tints will truly fade, produce air bubbles, and even peel after a long time as they also have a certain life span. However, these instances do not easily happen when you asked a tinting expert to do the job for you. In addition, if you know how to maintain and clean your tints properly, you can use them even after their supposed life span.

Tints will make my window dark and obstruct my view

Driving with a dark tint is a certain formula for a road accident. This is the reason why there are window tinting laws that you should adhere to. Each state has different laws regarding this, but all of them have one common denominator-- your windshield tints should never go below around 75% VLT. Through this law, enforcers are ensured that your view of the road is still clear even during nighttime.

Tinted windows do not break

Although this is what everyone would want, this is unfortunately not true. Your windows can still be broken, but the adhesive of window tints is strong enough to hold the piece of shattered glasses together. Also, tinted windows can still get smashed, but it will be more difficult than untinted ones. This reduces the chance of injury during road accidents and the possibility of your belongings being stolen.

Window tints are just for aesthetics

Indeed, window tints can add aesthetics, and they can bring a new and fresh new look to your vehicle. However, the purpose of window tints does not stop in beautifying your car. Their practical benefits outweigh their aesthetic purposes. Tints are also immensely helpful in protecting your car’s interior and your skin from being too much exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. They can also keep your vehicle cool during the hot days and warm enough during the wintertime. This reduces the burden of your air conditioning unit or heater from overworking, leading to more fuel consumption and frequent car repairs.

Overall, these myths are just unreasonable hypotheses about window tints. Also, you do not have to worry about such things if you rely on a trustworthy window tint company like KEPLER Window Films and Coating for the tint job.

KEPLER is a team of specialists committed to providing you with the best quality of services and products. To know more about our offers, you can get in touch with us through our contact form on our website.

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