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How can summer heat affect your vehicle?

When you hear summer, the first thing you might think about is travel and vacation. Summertime is indeed perfect for a vacation. It’s that one season of the year that most people look forward to because they can make plans to escape the busy life in the city and just relax somewhere. But before you plan your grand summer vacation, you must remember that just like the cold weather that wintertime brings, the hot weather condition of summer can also wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Spending time on the road with the warm weather, hot roads, and humid temperatures can create a hostile environment for your vehicle. Like you, your car also needs protection and care from the scorching sun to ensure that it runs smoothly and won’t end up with serious issues.

Here are just some of the vehicle parts that can be more susceptible to damage when exposed to extreme hot weather conditions during summertime.


When exposed to heat, tires tend to expand. And during summertime, when the climate is much hotter, the asphalt you drive on absorbs heat, which can damage your tires. And this is also the reason why it is necessary to have your tires checked every time you visit a gas station or repair shop. You can also purchase a pressure gauge so you can easily monitor your tire pressure.


Vibration and heat are your battery’s worst enemy. And with the extreme temperature that occurs during summer, the vibration and heat levels will naturally increase, which will negatively impact how your battery will function.

If your battery is not properly maintained and protected, the suspended plates in the battery will become loose and rub against each other. This will then result in excessive heat buildup and thermal runaway.

Given all these factors, it is necessary to bring a set of jumper cables or a battery jump box during the hotter months. It is also important to have your batteries to be regularly checked by a technician.

Oil and fluids

One of the most common problems car owners encounter during wintertime is the oil thickening up. On the other hand, monitoring your vehicle’s oil and fluids should be your main concern during summertime. Just like you, your vehicle also needs to be more hydrated during summer. Coolants are very much crucial in making sure that your vehicle’s engine will run smoothly. It is the coolants’ job to make sure that your engine will not overheat, and low levels of those can damage your car’s motor system.

Air conditioning System

Too much heat can be uncomfortable. And to battle this out, air conditioning units are there. It is normal for you to use your AC unit during travel, but your air conditioning system tends to get overworked during summer. To ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers, make sure that you will have your AC system serviced regularly. Replacing the cabin air filter is one way to improve cooling and prolong the life of your AC system.

Conclusion These are just some parts of your vehicle that you should watch out for during the summertime. Proper maintenance and regular check-ups can save you from the hassle of damaged vehicle parts. But aside from these, installing a window tint can save you from experiencing an uncomfortable summer trip. Window tints can keep your vehicle cool enough and, therefore, can help your vehicle’s system running smoothly.

And if you are looking for a reliable window tinting company to do the job for you, try checking out KEPLER Window Films and Coatings. KEPLER is a team consisting of professionals committed to giving you the best services and products in the industry. You can check out this link to get a free quote or know more about what we do.


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