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How Direct Sunlight Affects Your Driving

Watching the sun rising and setting is probably one of the most beautiful sceneries out there in the world. It is a picturesque view most people would like to capture in their memories and photos. However, this incredible sight can be a danger for drivers.

Studies have shown that sunny days are highly hazardous to drivers as the bright sunlight can cause a blinding effect and may create visual illusions. The sun’s rays can directly hit the driver’s eyes, making it more challenging to see the road ahead, and it might lead to an accident. Apart from this, sun glare also plays a role in alleviating fatigue and reducing your performance as a driver.

Safe driving does not only means you have checked your vehicle’s engine but also a clear and unobstructed view of what is ahead. But with an unavoidable factor such as the sun’s glare, how will you ensure your safety? With this in mind, here are some of the tips and precautions you must take.

Slow down

Driving way past the limit does not only entail penalization but also terrible road accidents. Slowing down is one of the best solutions you can do when you are confronted by the inevitable glare of the sun. While it is true that your senses must be on high alert when driving, sun glare might hinder you from reacting quickly. Thus, slowing down your speed can be a big help in avoiding accidents.

Put more distance

The rule of thumb is to always put a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Ideally, you must maintain at least 3 seconds following distance. This will give you more time to react in case of accidents. However, when facing the bright sun while driving, it is safer to double or triple the seconds following distance.

Invest in polarized sunglasses

When you are driving, you must invest in polarized sunglasses and not just on the regular ones. Polarized sunglasses can block intensely reflected light. It is made out of a special film focused on reducing sun hazes and glare from horizontal surfaces such as car hoods, water, and snow. Wearing one while driving on a bright sunny day can help in ensuring a safe driving experience.

Have your windows tinted

Sun visors are also one of the solutions you can use to reduce the sun glare from obstructing your view. However, there are entrances of light that cannot be covered by this, for instance, the side windows. On the other hand, window tinting can provide tremendous help in blocking the sun glares from penetrating your vehicle. This will allow you to drive more comfortably and efficiently. You just have to remember your state’s window tinting law.

Window tinting can be beneficial in lots of ways. However, you must take note that you cannot install the darkest shade of tints in your windshield or side windows. But you do not have to worry, for there are various window films that offer different uses. A sun control window film will be able to reduce the glare that might disrupt your driving.

Using all these tips can offer great help in keeping you safe on the road. There is nothing wrong with taking precautions if that will ensure your safety and comfort. In relation, if you are looking for a window tint company to do the tint job for you, KEPLER Window Films and Coatings can surely help you.

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