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The risks of untinted car windows [Infographic]

One of the primary purposes of window tints is adding a new style and aesthetics to your vehicle. But apart from this, window films play a vital role in keeping your driving experience safer and more comfortable. These days, window tinting has been more of a need than a want. However, some people deliberately choose not to have their windows tinted because of several factors such as its price. While it is true that window tinting may be expensive, you will need this investment more than ever.

If you are still in doubt if you should go for a tint job or not, let this infographic show you the risks and dangers of untinted car windows.

It can damage your skin and vehicle’s interior

On a daily, Americans drive about 25 to 30 miles which means they spend about 45 minutes to an hour behind the wheels. Within this time, you will be exposed to harsh and harmful ultraviolet rays. And being exposed to this is never a good thing. Ultraviolet rays can cause severe problems on the skin and eyes, such as skin cancer and damage to the cornea. Apart from these issues, these rays are also not beneficial for your vehicle’s interior. This is where window tints come in.

The main goal of window tints is to block UV rays from penetrating your vehicle. Your direct exposure to these harmful rays will be significantly reduced with a good and high-quality window film. This will make driving a lot comfortable and safer for your eyes and skin.

It makes your car more vulnerable to crime

An untinted car window makes it more vulnerable for criminals. Usually, when thieves try to target your vehicle, they will try to spot where your belongings are placed. And checking the placement of your things will be so much easier with untinted windows. Also, it is very typical for these criminals to execute a smash and grab so they can quickly flee from the scene. Unlike tinted windows, untinted ones are easier to break. With window tinting, it is ensured that you will keep your privacy, and your car will have an extra layer of defense for security.

It makes your auto more prone to accidents

In driving, you must be aware of your surroundings. It is necessary that you are alert at all times. However, some factors might disrupt your concentration on the road. One of which is sun glare. Several studies have shown that sun glare can cause temporary blindness to drivers and has lead to some road accidents. During the nighttime, headlights and tail lights coming from other cars may also momentarily interrupt your eyesight. Window tints can help in reducing the glare coming from such light sources.

These are just some of the dangers you might encounter if you don’t have your windows tinted. Spending a few bucks should not be an issue, as these protective tints will be a great help in ensuring a safe and comfortable drive for you and your passengers.

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