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Why is it important to have window tints when you have pets? [Infographics]

Having a pet to accompany you is one of the biggest blessings anyone can receive. Pets are one of the most loyal companions anyone can have. They are incredibly loyal and can provide help in alleviating your stress. Generally, their existence brings so much comfort. And to give back to them, it is just right that they will be given the proper care and love they need.

This is usually an unknown fact, but pets, specifically dogs and cats, only have a small amount of sweat glands. And leaving them inside a parked car on a hot day, especially without any protection, could be a death trap for them. Within minutes, these pets can succumb to heatstroke and suffocation, which can lead to death.

If you plan to have pets, you must know how to train them properly and cater to their needs. Before taking in an animal in your home, you should check if your lifestyle, home, and environment will suit them. One of the essentials you can best give to your pets is window tinting, and here are some reasons why.

Dogs and cats cannot regulate body heat

Apart from the motion sickness and stress car rides can bring, having pets inside a closed space with uncontrolled temperatures can be dangerous. Most pet owners are not aware that pets have a lower tolerance for heat and higher temperatures than humans. And this can cost them their lives. Their sweat glands are located by their paw pads, and because this surface area is so small, dogs and cats find it more challenging to regulate body heat compared to humans.

Think about this, it’s summertime, and someone made you wear a thick coat and asked you to stay inside an enclosed space under the heat of the sun without proper ventilation. How would you feel? Irritating and suffocating, right? This is what our pets have to go through every time. Because they are covered in fur, their body has higher temperature compared to humans. Leaving them trapped inside your car can cause them to suffer from dehydration and heatstroke, which can be the cause of their death.

The temperature rises quicker in locked spaces A parked car can quickly reach 38.8 degrees celsius in under ten minutes during a 29-degree day. Even on average and cooler days, the temperature within a parked car can still spike up to a dangerous temperature level.

Given that pets cannot regulate body heat as humans do, their body temperature can rise quickly. Now, imagine how uncomfortable and dangerous it would be for them if they get trapped in an enclosed space, even just for a minute?

If their body temperature reaches a deadly level, it might damage their nervous and cardiovascular systems, which can cause severe issues and even death.

Window tints can provide additional protection for your pets, but...

You should remember that tints are just preventive measures in ensuring your pet’s safety. Indeed, tints can make a huge difference in keeping your vehicle much cooler and comfortable for your furry friend, but this does not mean that you can leave your pets inside your car. Installing window tints can only guarantee additional comfort while you are on a trip with them.

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