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Window Film for your Home or Office Security [Infographics]

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Burglary is one of the most common crimes that authorities have to deal with every year. It is a criminal law under the general category of theft. This involves unlawful breaking and entering the premises of another with the intent to commit a crime.

In statistics presented by The Zebra, there are at least 2.5 million break-ins every year, and every 26 seconds, a burglary occurs. Moreover, it is said that the victims of this crime, both private and public, lose an estimated amount of $3.4 billion. Given these numbers, it is clear that burglary is a predominating crime and there are many people who are suffering from it. This is why no one can blame homeowners or offices for investing in security materials such as CCTV cameras to protect themselves and their property.

Although installing a CCTV camera might help you identify the criminal, it has nothing to offer to stop burglary from happening. Fortunately, there is one thing that can provide extra security for your home or business– window film Elk River MN.

How do window tints help in securing your home or office?

Window tinting Elk River MN is a process commonly done in vehicles, but that does not mean that you can only do it for cars. Tinting can also be done to add an extra layer of protection to your property. And here are some of the reasons why window tints are an excellent choice for security measures.

Slows down intruder

Window tints will not prevent a burglary from happening, but they could slow down an intruder from further entering your property’s premises. These thin layers of films are designed to make it more difficult for criminals to break through the glass of your home or office. So if cases like this happen to you, tints allow more time for you to react and call the authorities.

Improves privacy

Privacy is one of the main issues that most home or business owners face every day. The prying and nosy eyes of people outside can be both freaky and distracting, especially if you are trying to be productive. The concern for privacy is a big deal primarily for businesses who need to keep confidential information and documents. But by having your windows tinted, it is more likely for you to do your business or hold a meeting more privately and comfortably.

Shatter proofing

Typical windows used in houses and offices are not going to be shatterproof or bulletproof despite being tinted, but they can provide an extra layer of shatter resistance on your windows. Window tints are shatterproof, which is why tinted glass is often labeled as “shatterproof glass.”

The science behind this is when someone tries to break in and shatter your windows, aside from giving intruders the difficulty of breaking in, window films can also hold shards of glasses that will further protect you from any other potential accident or injury.


Indeed, window tints are an excellent investment. And their benefits do not limit to providing security alone as they can also offer UV protection, additional aesthetics, and more. And if you are looking for a trusted window tint company to help you with your tinting needs, you can rely on KEPLER Window Films and Coatings.

KEPLER is your window tint company with over 500 locations around the US. Our team consists of dedicated professionals whose commitment is to deliver the best quality of products and services to our customers.

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