Road Safety: Prevent Smash and Grab [Infographic]

Road Safety: Prevent Smash and Grab [Infographic]

The road will always be full of danger. Accidents come during the most unexpected time, and if you are not alert and careful, you might become a victim yourself. Road collisions, road rage, and thievery are just some of the most prominent accidents you could encounter while on the road. In connection to theft, this crime is more likely to happen now that the Holidays are coming up.

It is not news how many people go outside and shop around during the holiday season. And this is what criminals are taking advantage of. As people get busy with gift shopping, thieves exploit this situation by executing their smash-and-grab modus.

As the name suggests, Smash and Grab is the action done by thieves; they break the window (smash) and take all the valuables they can as quickly as they can (grab). This modus operandi happens all year round, but police and news records show that smash-and-grab peak during the holiday season.

At this point, you might be wondering whether or not you should shop for the Christmas season due to the worry that you might be a victim of holiday crimes. But you can stop worrying that much now, for this list will help you prevent from being a victim of a smash-and-grab.

Road Safety: Prevent Smash And Grab - Infographic

Safe driving

It is quite inevitable not to get stuck in traffic or encounter a stoplight when you are outside. When this happens, you have to stop your car for a while. By this time, you can be more vulnerable to a sudden smash and grab attack. So if you are stuck in this situation, make sure to keep your doors locked and keep your windows slightly open (approximately 3 cm, but less than 5cm). This makes the glasses more flexible and more resistant to shattering. Also, you have to stay alert and keep your eyes open for any pedestrian movement outside your car. And if it is possible, do not place your important belongings in the shotgun seat where robbers can grab them quickly.

Never leave your valuables inside your car

When you go shopping, you would naturally need to leave your vehicle in the parking lot. And parking lots are one of the few perfect places to commit this type of modus operandi. Criminals know when to wait for the ideal moment to proceed to your vehicle and execute smash and grab. This is why you should never leave your valuables inside your car. Make sure to always bring them with you. However, if you deemed it unnecessary as you’d just go inside a store for a quick shop, make sure to place your valuables in the boot of your vehicle or under the seats.

Do not get out of your car

Apart from smashing and grabbing, criminals can also use rocks or tires to set an obstacle for drivers. If you encounter this, make sure to never get out of your car. This could be their way of distracting you so they can grab your things or, worst, your car itself. Instead of going out and removing obstacles, just immediately reverse and drive in the opposite direction.

Install protective films

One way of protecting yourself and your vehicle from being a smash and grab victim is by installing window tints. The main selling point of car window tinting Omaha, NE, is the protection it provides against harmful UV rays. But aside from that, window tinting Oakland CA can also offer you protection from holiday crimes such as smash and grab. Although these films could not prevent this crime from taking place, they can give you an extra layer of protection. And in case of a breakage, the film can hold the pieces of shattered glass in place and help you avoid further injuries. These tints can also be helpful with keeping the insides of your vehicle private and away from the prying eyes of criminals.

If you want to have your windows tinted, you can rely on a trustworthy window tint company such as KEPLER Window Films and Coatings.

These four steps are some of the ways on how you can prevent being a victim of a smash and grab. There is nothing wrong with having fun during this merry season, but being more cautious of your surroundings would not hurt you. Enjoy the holidays and keep safe!


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