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Kepler's #1 Security and Safety Window Film

The Kepler Window Film series is a practical way to increase the window security in your building. It offers an additional layer of defense against unauthorized access, unintentional damage, and severe weather conditions. In the event of an accident or attempted intrusion, this film is intended to hold the broken glass together, preventing shards from flying and lowering the risk of injury.

Safety and Security Window Since it takes time and effort to break through the reinforced glass, film can also help deter intruders. You can watch this movie with confidence knowing that your building and its occupants are well-protected.

Security And Safety Window Film can also help deter intruders, as it takes time and effort to breach the reinforced glass. With this film, you can have peace of mind knowing that your building and occupants are well-protected.

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Tested Time And Time Again

We at Kepler are proud of our dedication to quality and safety. This commitment is demonstrated by the Kepler K-Shield premium security window film. Our cutting-edge labs put every batch of K-Shield through a rigorous testing process. Here, we put it through a variety of situations and stresses to make sure it meets our requirements for toughness, adaptability, and UV and IR protection. For your peace of mind, this rigorous internal testing procedure ensures that our K-Shield film consistently provides superior performance and protection. For a security window film solution that has been tried, tested, and proven in our very own laboratories, rely on Kepler K-Shield.

Security Window Film
For Your Home

Unfortunately, properties are often vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes. One way to help protect your property is to install Kepler’s K-shield security window film. This type of film helps to fortify glass, making it more difficult for intruders to break in. In addition, security window film can also hold glass together in the event of a break-in, helping to prevent injuries.

Security Window Film
for your business

Our security window film from Kepler is designed to withstand impact and help deter break-ins. In addition, our security window film helps to protect against flying glass in the event of an explosion or natural disaster. Our security window film is also UV resistant and can help to reduce glare and heat buildup in your business.

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