Shatterproof your Windows with Window Tints

Shatterproof your Windows with Window Tints

Accidents and criminal activities come during the most unexpected moments, and there is nothing you can do except be prepared at all times. In relation, burglary is among the most prominent criminal activities. Every year, police authorities have to deal with thousands of burglary cases.

These criminals have many tactics on their sleeves. But one thing is for sure–they are going to lurk around and wait for the perfect time to break in. Commonly, burglars enter premises through windows. And since most windows are made of glass, breaking it would not be that difficult. But there is one easy fix for that problem–window film Elk River MN.

While it is more common to see window tinting Elk River MN for vehicles, it can be an excellent solution to lessen further injuries during accidents or the chances of your home being robbed. If you are wondering how window tints can help, here are some pieces of evidence to prove it.

Window tints are not easily damaged

The notion of shatterproof glass may be too impossible to comprehend, and that is because there is truly no such thing as shatterproof glass. However, window tints are made from materials that are not easy to break or tear apart. Moreover, its adhesive is also helpful in holding shards of broken glass. These factors created the illusion that your windows are shatterproof once tinted.

Helpful in slowing down criminals

As mentioned above, breaking a window glass is not difficult. And most probably, burglars have the proper tools to break your window much more quickly. But since window tints are not that easy to destroy, burglars will have a more challenging time breaking in. This will allow you to gain more time and call for some help if you experience a break-in.

Tints can hold pieces of shattered glass

It was already mentioned earlier that window tints could hold shards of broken glass. So during a natural disaster or an unexpected shattering of glass windows or doors, window tint will hold the broken pieces of glasses together. This can help keep the shards away from flying around and further injuring you or your loved ones.

Other benefits of window tints

Besides the three mentioned advantages of having your windows tinted, here are some additional benefits you can get from window tinting.

● Strengthen glass by 2-3 times

● Affordable and convenient security and privacy solution

● Block 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays

● Additional aesthetics

Where to purchase quality window tints?

Window tinting has grown popular over the years, which makes finding a reliable tint shop more difficult. Because of its popularity, many window film companies have appeared. And many of these are going to promise you a lot. But you must remember that not every single window tint shop can truly deliver quality products and services.

So when you are looking for a shop to have your windows tinted, you must look for a company that will guide you throughout the process. Furthermore, a trustworthy company should never be afraid of giving you a warranty.

KEPLER Window Films and Coatings is a reliable tint company that offers a plethora of window tint selections. These options are all developed to cater to your budget, needs, and preferences. If you want to know more about us, our products, and what we do, you can check out our website at


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