Why Do You Have to Heat Shrink Window Tint?

Why Do You Have to Heat Shrink Window Tint?

While not every window requires heat shrinking, the more curves in your window, the more likely you will need to heat shrink the tint to prevent having fingers or air bubbles trapped in the film.

Is heat beneficial in curing window tint?

High temperatures help in the curing process. Heat can allow the window tint adhesive to dry out more quickly. The tint is more guaranteed to adhere to the glass if heat is applied. In addition, the heat ensures that the film will not peel off the glass quickly.

Most drivers prefer to have their windows tinted during the summer as the warm air helps the tint cure more quickly. However, during the hotter months, excessive humidity levels can complicate the installation of window tint films. Meanwhile, in the winter, your window tints’ drying time may be increased due to the cold temperature.

Is it necessary to shrink the precut window tinting film for automobiles?

No heat shrinking is required if window film is installed on flat or very slightly contoured glass, such as rear windshields for pickup trucks and many side windows on SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks.

However, suppose the film is to be installed on a contoured glass (such as the side windows of most automobiles and practically all rear windshields for most kinds of vehicles except trucks), heat shrinking using a heat gun before installation on the inside is necessary.

How long does the window tint take to cure?

Window tinting is a reasonably large business since it is one of the most popular automotive modifications. This results in a variance in tint proportion and a wide variety of brands and quality. As with other items, the cure time of a window tint varies according to the brand, substance, and quality.

Another aspect affecting the curing time of the tint is the environment’s temperature. When tint is applied during the winter, the curing procedure might take several weeks. Following these rules, most window tints will need 2-3 days curing period.

Two elements in the window tinting process may significantly impact the drying time. To begin, the larger the window’s surface area, the more material is required to cover it, which means there will be more adhesive to cure. Second, if the window tint is dried using sunlight or ultraviolet radiation in addition to air, the deeper the tint, the more difficult it is for light to reach the adhesive. Water pockets, stains, and scratches are all possible outcomes of the curing process. Throughout the curing process, you may notice a haziness or cloudiness on the tint layer. This is a rather typical occurrence induced by the presence of water.

What exactly is a heat gun?

Heat guns are versatile professional service instruments that may be utilized in several professional service situations. And, although some people use a hairdryer because it “creates heat,” a hairdryer lacks the ability to produce the amount of heat needed for certain applications such as vehicle wraps or window tinting.

Heat guns can help tint car windows, remove paint, wrap vinyl, and bend plastics, among other things. While hair dryers generate heat between one hundred and two hundred degrees Celsius, a special-purpose car heat gun generates heat between one hundred and seven hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. When the two devices were being compared, it was determined that heat guns offer a more significant number of temperature settings than a conventional hairdryer.

Is it necessary to use a heat gun to tint windows?

The use of a heat gun is not required, although it can make the tint seem smoother. If you choose to use a heat gun, be sure you use it on the film’s exterior so that you do not melt it. Spray the glass with hot water from your spray bottle to make it simpler for your squeegee to smooth it out after it has been sprayed.

The Origins and Inventions of the Heat Shrink Technology

The origins of heat shrink technology as we know it now can be traced back to the immediate post-World War II period. As nuclear energy initiatives sprouted up in the United States and other parts of the world during this period, scientists began to pay attention to the effects of radiation on a range of materials, including polymers, and take precautions.

A scientist working out of Stanford University in the 1950s was Paul Cook, one of these researchers. He was particularly interested in the effects of ionizing radiation on polymers, and he published many papers on the subject. When subjected to radiation, Cook and colleagues discovered that specific polymers had a heat-shrinkable characteristic, which they named the “heat shrinkable quality.”

Cook quickly marketed his idea by establishing his corporation, later to become Raychem. Even though other researchers promptly followed his lead, he is mostly responsible for making heat shrinkable materials available on a commercial scale. By the early 1960s, heat-shrinkable tubing and wrapping were widely accessible to the general population. Since then, many advancements and variants on heat shrinkable items have led to the industry’s continued expansion.


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