Window Films for School Safety

Window Films for School Safety

When you are a parent, it is only normal to wish the best for your children. It is understandable that you would always want them to be safe. And it is reasonable for you to have the desire to keep them by your side at all times. However, you should also know that giving your children a space to be independent is necessary for their growth and development. And sending them to school is only one of many ways to practice and learn how to stand on their own.

Education is a right that every child should have. And schools are expected to be a safe place for kids to learn, play, and get to know themselves deeply. Unfortunately, gun violence is among the prevailing issues schools have to face every day.

Gun violence in schools

According to statistics presented by Everytown, more than 3,500 children and teens are getting shot and killed, while 15,000 more are shot and injured every year. And these shootings can pose severe issues to kids who witness this kind of violence.

Now, the challenge for schools is how they will improve their security measures to keep students safe? Stricter actions have been imposed, security cameras have been installed, and rigorous inspections have been mandated. But apart from these, there is one simple solution that can contribute to making schools a lot safer, and that is installing window films Deridder LA.

How will window tint help in keeping schools safe?

While it is true that window tints are more common in cars, window tinting Deridder LA can also be done in properties such as homes, offices, and schools, but if you are still skeptical about it, here are some of the ways how tints can make schools safer.

Strengthens weak entry points

Glass on doors and windows can easily shatter, making them vulnerable in case of break-ins. This is why criminals tend to go through these entry points as they are easy to access. But window tints can make it difficult for intruders to shatter glass windows or doors. And this will bring us to the next point.

Extra response time

Because of window tints’ ability to strengthen the weak entry points, school personnel can buy more time to act and call authorities. Through the help of window tints, they can evacuate the students and themselves to a safer place.

Shatterproof glass

No glasses are shatter-resistant. Even bulletproof glass can break with enough force or bullets. But window tints are designed to make glasses stronger enough to make them seem shatterproof. Window tints are designed to hold pieces of broken glass, which means they can offer protection against shards of glasses that can significantly contribute to keeping anyone safe from further injuries.


Privacy can also be a problem in schools. But this can easily be solved with window tints. There are one-way, frosted, mirrored, and blackout films designed to improve school privacy. Window Tint Company

Window tints are indeed an excellent investment for schools. Although they could not offer a hundred percent solution to school security, they can act as the first line of defense, especially if the tints installed are of premium quality.

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