Window Tinting Cost

Window Tinting Cost

More and more car owners are investing their time and money to modify their vehicles these days. Some modifications are plainly for aesthetics, while others upgrade their cars’ performance. And these days, installing a window film Gibsonton FL is one of the most popular vehicle alterations.

What is window film/tint?

Window tints are thin laminate film that is adhered to the interior or exterior of the glass surface of vehicles. They can also be used for the windows of homes and buildings. Tints are designed to protect your windows against unwanted scratches and dirt. Apart from this, window tints can also provide you with an extra layer of security and privacy.

These protective films were first invented in 1966. But during those times, they started as dye-based, and they did not have good control of the heat. Because of this, the temperature inside your car can quickly rise. Additionally, the dye-based tints did not respond well to the sun’s heat, creating bubbles and peeling off easily.

Fortunately, tint technology has improved over the years. Today, car owners have more than one option for their car window tinting Gibsonton FL needs. More tints were developed to cater to car owners according to their needs, preferences, and budget.

Window tinting cost

Typically, window tinting can cost anywhere between $50 to $600 for a standard and non-reflective tint. But if you want a tint that is guaranteed to last long, you might want to consider getting ceramic, metallic, carbon, or other specialty films. And for these types of films, you can expect to pay around $100 to $800.

The type of your car can also determine how much you will pay. Here are the average amounts that you can expect to pay.


For average grade tints, you can expect to pay around $50 per window or about $250 for the two front side windows, two backsides, two rear quarter windows, and the rear of your vehicle. In contrast, if you want a more quality tint, you might need to double the price. Premium quality tints for Sedans could cost between $100 to $650.


The windows of Coupes are usually curvier than the others, and because of this, tinting their windows would be more expensive. Unlike flat windows, a curved one is more challenging to cover with tints, so the labor cost is higher. For Coupes, you can expect to pay between $120 to $450.


The tinting price also depends on the size of the tint that has to be used. And evidently, you would need a lot for a truck. Additionally, trucks are huge which means, more labor will be required. For pickup trucks, the prices could start at $350, and the bigger your truck is, the costlier tinting would be.


Like trucks, SUVs are also larger and taller, and these factors would play a role in pricing. This is why you might want to prepare at least $250 to $750 for tinting if you are driving an SUV.

Aside from the vehicle type, you must also remember that prices vary per film type, location, and shop. Warranty can also contribute to the price you have to pay.

Where to purchase window tints?

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