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The preferred choice for Tesla owners around the world

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Why Kepler Window Films?

When you’re considering tinting for your new Tesla, don’t go with just any window film. We specialize in providing the highest quality window film technology and service to Tesla owners the USA and our window film is the preferred choice for many Tesla owners.


Infrared Technology In Kepler Products

Our ceramic technology in our IR and IR+ window films reduce the heat entering your Tesla by blocking up to 81% of the infrared head. These window films are amongst the top window films in the world and used on some of the most prestigious vehicles in the world along with being the preferred choice for many automotive Tesla dealers.

Image by Stefan Lehner

A Window Film To Match Your Personality

Our range of Kepler window films make it so you can choose a window film that matches your needs and personality. If you don’t want anyone seeing in, we can make that happen. Or if you’re just looking to block  UV and Heat without too much shade, our advanced Tesla window tinting products do that to!

Go To The Kepler Tinting Specialists

We’ve been in the tinting business for a long time, and over the past few years have settled into our niche of Tesla tinting. Tesla vehicles have some minor but important nuances that must be considered for the best and lasting results, and that understanding and expertise is what sets our window film apart from the competition.

View our films in the Kepler Experience

The choice for Tesla owners can be hard when considering a tint to choose! Many windows on the Tesla are oversized which can result in more light leaking in, thus changing how the window film looks when installed to your car when compared to other vehicles! That is why here at Kepler, we have a Tesla Window Tinting 360 experience where you can view our films on a real life car (not animated) to ensure you choose right film for you car!

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