Windshield Tinting Fullerton

Windshield Tinting Fullerton

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Understanding Windshield Tinting in Fullerton with Kepler Window Films

When it comes to windshield tinting in Fullerton, it’s essential to be aware of the local regulations. California law mandates that the front windshield must allow at least 70% of light to pass through. This means you can have a light tint that reduces glare and heat while staying within legal limits. Interestingly, some modern vehicle glass already meets this standard with factory tinting.

Benefits of Windshield Tinting

At Kepler Window Films, we understand the benefits of windshield tinting extend beyond aesthetics. Properly tinted windshields can significantly reduce glare from the sun, enhance privacy, and protect the interior of your vehicle from harmful UV rays. This not only makes for a more comfortable driving experience but also helps maintain your car’s value over time.

Compliance with the Law

Navigating the legal requirements can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Our expert team ensures that every tint we apply complies with the 70% light transmission law. We use high-quality films that provide maximum protection and comfort without violating any regulations.

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Ready to upgrade your vehicle with professional windshield tinting? At Kepler, we make it easy for you. Visit our website to get a free, no-obligation quote online. Our user-friendly process is designed to give you a clear idea of what to expect in terms of pricing and options. Choose Kepler Window Films for top-notch service and compliance with Fullerton’s tinting laws.

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