Common Problems You Can Encounter With A Tinted Window

Common Problems You Can Encounter With A Tinted Window

Installing a window tint for your vehicle or property is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can ever put your money into. Window tints provide massive advantages in the aesthetic department and for protection and security purposes. However, if this is your first time using tints for your auto, house, or office areas, you might encounter some unexpected problems along the way.

These problems may be a common occurrence depending on different factors. But one thing’s for sure, such problems are a nuisance and frustrating to see. However, you must not worry, for these issues can easily be solved if you rely on a trustworthy window tint company to do the installation job for you. With this in mind, here are some of the problems you may notice once you have your windows tinted.

Air Bubbles

First off, air bubbles. This problem is the most common problem you might encounter after the tint installation process. The occurrence of these bubbles might last for at least two weeks and will automatically disappear once the tints have entirely stick to the glass surface. However, if the bubbles are still visible after two weeks, then this might be a clear indication of a subpar installation.

When these bubbles occur, you have two choices: go to your trusted window tinter to fix this issue or do a DIY remedy. In doing the DIY remedy, all you have to do is apply heat on the tint, prick tiny holes in the bubbles using a sharp object like a pin or needle before gently scraping it with a card or squeegee. But if these steps did not work out, maybe it is high time to bring it to an auto shop to have it fixed or replaced.


When your window films started to peel off, it might be because it has lost static charge with the glass surface. This issue typically happens when the tint has been installed for already a long time. Although having your tints replaced is the ideal solution for this problem, you can still max out its use until it completely loses its adhesive. One way to solve this issue is by applying water and dish soap. You just have to simply wet the back part of the peeling film before pressing it back against the glass and drying it off with a microfiber cloth.


Chipped-off or scratched window films are both ugly and frustrating to see. Aside from this, a window tint with scratches would only defeat its purpose of the additional layer of privacy and security.

Unknown to many, scratches are usually caused by external forces or objects being rubbed off into the tinted window. Using an ordinary towel or paper towel contributes a lot to scratch your window films. These towels have fabric that can cause damage to your tinted windows. To avoid this problem, using a microfiber towel and a gentle soapy water formula is the ideal way to clean up your windows.


Another common problem that usually happens when you have tinted windows is the tint’s discoloration. This issue usually appears when you have already used your tints for a long time or when your windows are constantly exposed to direct sunlight. To avoid this from happening, always try to find a shady area when parking your car. And when it comes to your properties, planning the location of your windows is the ideal thing to do.

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