How to spot a bad window tinting job [Infographic]

How to spot a bad window tinting job [Infographic]

As the popularity of window tint skyrockets, more people are convinced that having your vehicle or residential spaces tinted is the way to go. With the health and visual benefits it has given, it is no wonder why people are persuaded to have their windows tinted.

But not everyone who avails themselves of window tinting is knowledgeable enough to know if the quality of their window tinting is bad or not. Some are getting scammed by cheap tinting shops, while some window tints are not properly installed because they did it by themselves without being that well-informed about window tints.

In that case, it is like you have paid for the benefits without actually getting them. And no one would want that. This is why KEPLER is here to provide you with a list of how you can spot a bad window tinting job.

Air bubbles forming

The first and most prominent bad window tinting sign you can encounter is air bubbles formed between the tint film and your vehicle’s glass. But please be reminded that air bubbles are pretty common during the first two weeks of tint installation. However, if the bubbles did not disappear within two weeks, that is a clear indication of a bad window tinting job. This usually occurs when the window tint used is of cheap quality or the installation process is not properly done.

Purple hue

Discoloration in window tints is normal if the tint films are already old and used for years. But it is not common for newly installed tints. If your window tints changed their color into a purplish hue and looked aged up in just months after the installation, that only means one thing– the window tint used was of low quality. And you might want to replace them right away as it defeats the purpose of window tits adding style to your vehicle.


Another common sign of a bad tinting job is peeling. Like the discoloration of tints, peeling is also pretty normal for old window tints. But for newly installed ones, it would take a lot of effort to have it removed and peeled off from the glass surface. However, if it peels easily months or just weeks after applying the tint, that’s probably another sign of a bad tinting job.

Window tints are not blocking heat

The main selling point of window tints is their capability to block heat and UV rays from penetrating your home or vehicle. This also helps in maintaining the temperature of your car or home at a comfortable level. And because of this, you can save more energy or fuel as your AC unit or heater does not have to work overtime.

However, if you notice that the heat is penetrating your vehicle or residential space easily, that might only mean that the tinting job was not done properly and the tint used is of cheap quality.

Where to purchase window tint?

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How To Spot A Bad Window Tinting Job - Infographic


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