Do you want to see what’s outside of your car without anyone else outside having a clear view of you and your car or house’s interior? You’ll need a good window tint film to accomplish this, and you'll need to find a reputable window tint company to provide the film you need.

In Ontario, California, you can count on KEPLER Window Films and Coatings to install high-quality window tints that can keep you concealed from the outside and block out harmful UV rays in your home or car. KEPLER’s diverse product lineup offers incredible value and various consumer benefits. KEPLER can provide a window tint for your car, home, or office space.

Quality Window Tinting You Can Trust
When people trust a professional window tint company like KEPLER Window Films and Coatings, they will receive top-notch services and high-quality tint films. KEPLER's window tint films are manufactured using the latest technologies, allowing their clients to have consistent premium quality on their window tints.
Car window tints are some of the best investments car owners can make since they can protect the people inside the car from the sun and any prying eyes. Getting window tint films from less-reputable brands can negatively affect the protection they offer against glare and UV rays while relying on factory tint instead of aftermarket films will keep the driver from being protected altogether.

KEPLER Automotive Window Tints
With the latest technologies available today, KEPLER’s car window tint films can guarantee good consistent quality in all of its products. Car owners can enjoy the following benefits once their windows are tinted.

● UV Protection and reduced heat – The multi-layer nano-ceramic technology of KEPLER’s car window films block up to 98% of infrared heat and 99% of harmful UV rays, effectively preventing the sun from damaging the skin and leading to interior fading.

● Privacy and Security – Window films can reduce inbound visibility and provide additional privacy. Thieves won’t be able to see inside the car and perform a smash and grab, thanks to the window tint film.

● Greater Clarity – KEPLER window tints reduce inbound visibility without compromising outbound visibility, all thanks to the window tint film’s multi-layer nano construction.

● Unique Style – KEPLER’s window tints can give cars a fresher look, especially when the car owner selects the right tint level for their car’s windows.

● Crystal Clear Signal –KEPLER’s car window tint films allow for uninterrupted communications since they do not interfere with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals.

KEPLER Residential and Commercial Window Films
Car owners won’t have to worry about any excessive heat, sun glare, and UV rays from entering the car once they use KEPLER’s window films. They can customize their space’s aesthetics by getting the right window tint film for their cars.

Take advantage of the following benefits that KEPLER window films can give your residential or commercial space.

● Multiple finishes available
● Reduced interior temperatures
● Increased comfort indoors
● UV protection
● Improved privacy and reduce glare
● Lower energy costs
● Deter unauthorized entry
● Endless design options
● Save money and clean up

Why KEPLER Window Films and Coatings are the Best Choice for You
If you need a great window tint film, you can find a reputable dealer in Ontario, CA, in KEPLER Window Films and Coatings. KEPLER is a global brand that many professional dealers and installers trust because of its advanced technologies and practical understanding of the industry. KEPLER has had unrivaled success in the United States, is a part of the MBKR international group, and has over 500 locations and counting.

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