Tips for Selecting the Right Window Tint for Your Car

Tips for Selecting the Right Window Tint for Your Car

Your vehicle window tint will not only give it a sleek, contemporary appearance, but it will also improve its functionality. Auto window tinting will block harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle, therefore keeping it cooler and more pleasant, particularly during the summer. Car window tinting provides seclusion for you and your family and protects your belongings. In addition, car window tinting offers several advantages, and you must choose the correct one for your vehicle and have it professionally placed at a car window tinting company.

Understanding the Transmission of Visible Light

Prior to delving into the specifics of window tint percentages, it is critical to grasp one crucial aspect of a tint, the visible light transmission, or VLT. A window tint’s VLT is expressed as a percentage. Certain purchasers get perplexed by the figure, believing that the percentage indicates how dark the color will be. However, VLT determines the amount of light that may flow through the material.

Consider the following example: if a manufacturer specifies a VLT of 35% for a film, you may anticipate very little light passing through your windows. The film will block out 65 percent of all sunlight at this level of VLT. In other words, a lower VLT allows for less light to enter your car, resulting in a darker tint.

Percentages of Window Tint

While you may want to locate a very particular VLT for your car, it is worth noting that the majority of big window tint producers adhere to a conventional range: 50%, 35%, 20%, and 5%. You should have little difficulty obtaining this typical range; however, you may locate more possibilities if you do sufficient study.

Determine the tinting laws and restrictions in your state.

There are many degrees of vehicle window tinting, and each state has its own tinting rules. There are restrictions governing tinting, light transmission, and reflectivity, and you must be aware of what is permitted. It would help if you got informed of the laws to avoid facing penalties or incarceration. Visit a window tinting business and let a professional explain the different rules governing window tinting. The specialist at the window tinting store has extensive knowledge and will assist you in selecting the perfect shade while also ensuring compliance.

Car Window Tint Types

There are several window tinting options. They come in a variety of colors, hues, configurations, and pricing points. Consider the tint that complements your style, giving your automobile a more current appearance, is legal, functional, and within your budget. There are different tints available, and if this is your first time having your vehicle tinted, it is suggested that you contact an expert at one of the window tint businesses. Ascertain that the tint you chose will endure a long time and looks excellent on your vehicle. Allow a professional from the auto tinting company to do the installation for a professional result.

Consult a Window Tinting Professional

Choosing a vehicle tint might be daunting, and it is best to contact professionals from Car Window Tinting Fernandina Beach, FL and Car Window Tinting Naples, FL. The specialist at the window tint company will assist you in selecting the appropriate tint for your vehicle. Ascertain that the technician you choose has the necessary knowledge and experience to apply the tint properly. A competent window tint specialist will be familiar with tinting regulations, will assist you in selecting the appropriate tint for your vehicle, will apply the tint, and will leave your vehicle looking sophisticated.

Auto Tint Features

To choose the correct tint for your automobile, you must first understand the many options available to you. The following are some considerations to consider while selecting a tint:


Choose a tint that complies with applicable rules and looks excellent on your vehicle. Some tint colors are prohibited in certain states. It would help if you first chose the desired hue level. The deeper the tint of your automobile, the more UV rays it will block, and the fewer people will be able to see into it. However, the hue you choose must be legally acceptable. Prior to selecting the color, you should verify the applicable legislation. Ascertain that the tint you chose adds visual appeal to your vehicle.

The tint’s color

Will the tint color you chose fade over time? Ascertain that the shade you select maintains its color for an extended period.


The hue you chose must provide unobstructed visibility. Ascertain that the hue is not too dark for you to see well outdoors and that it does not reflect since this would impair your vision.

Control of the Sun

You want a tint that will keep your automobile cool regardless of the outside temperature. A proper tint can protect your car’s interior from the harmful UV rays and keep it cool and pleasant.

Choosing the Best Window Tint for a Car

With all of the things above in mind, it is time to think about your particular tastes in terms of your window tint. Provided that your selected VLT on all windows matches the standards under your state’s law, you will have some additional freedom to pick how dark you want to go.

Here are a few things you may want to ask yourself as you consider the option:

Are You Worried About Your Health?

One of the most practical reasons to purchase a window tint is to preserve your health and the health of your passengers. Quality window tint can block out up to 99 percent of all UV radiation, offering excellent protection for both your skin and your vision. The Skin Cancer Foundation advises dark tinting for all drivers, and anybody who spends a lot of time behind the wheel should choose the darkest permitted tint. If you have a medical condition that makes you more sensitive to sunlight, even if you are unable to qualify for a darker-than-legal tint, it is a good idea to select for as dark a tint as possible.

Are You Looking for a Specific Aesthetic?

Many drivers choose a window tint simply because they wish to improve their vehicle’s look. A darker tint may give a sleek, classic look; however, you will have to select where you lie on the range from a lighter tint to the luxury appearance of dark limousine windows.

Do You Need to Protect Your Vehicle’s Interior?

Whether you want to preserve historical leather or brand-new upholstery, window tinting may assist. Even a lighter tint may make a great impact on the amount of sunshine your vehicle gets.

Are You Concerned About Your Privacy?

Drivers who care about their privacy behind the wheel may opt for a moderate tint to deter bystanders from peeping inside their vehicle. Darker colors may be an even greater enhancement, making it impossible for spectators to notice any of your distinctive traits.

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