Window tints: A way to winter-proof your windows

Window tints: A way to winter-proof your windows

If you are from the northern hemisphere of America, the winter season is just three months away, but if you are from the southern part, you still have a few more months before the first snowflake lands on the ground. But whether you are from the north or south, it’s always nice to be prepared for this cold season.

Purchasing thermal wear, roof repairs, or buying a furnace for the fireplace are just some of the most common things most people do to prepare for winter. But what they often forget is that readying your car for the cold temperature is also just as important. And one way to winter-proof your windows is through window tinting.

The ideal time to tint your windows is during fall or spring, as the mild temperature and low humidity level help ensure that the tints will fully adhere to the windows, just in time to prepare your vehicle for driving during the winter.

Here are some of the reasons how window tinting can protect your vehicle from the cold weather of winter.

Eliminate glare from sun reflection In the wintertime, the skies tend to be dimmer as the sun is lower in the sky. But just like during summer and spring, the sun’s rays can still produce glare that can be dangerous for you when you are driving. Also, the sun rises much later but sets much earlier, which means cars need to use their headlights and taillights more often, and that also produces glare.

Driving with the glares intensified by the snow on the roadsides, combined with slippery roads? It is indeed a recipe for accidents. But window tints can make a huge difference. The dark color of the tints helps the driver see the road more clearly and comfortably.

UV Protection Compared to summer, the heat during winter is not as blazing during summertime, but the ultraviolet rays will still be very much present. And unlike the temperature, the amount of UV rays from the sun is not going to be lessened. It is still as harmful as it is. Studies have even shown that light bouncing from the snow might also contain UV rays, putting you at more risk of UV rays exposure.

It has also been proven that these ultraviolet rays make your vehicle look older than it is. Constant exposure to these rays can fade your upholstery and cause breakage to the other wood components. And having your windows tinted might just be the perfect solution for that problem.

Thermal control and energy efficiency One of the best selling points of window tint is its capability to act as an insulator and temperature regulator. These thin protective sheets can retain the heat inside your vehicle during the winter season. Because of this, your heater would not need to overwork, which also means you get to save more. Using up seat warmers and car heaters can be pretty burdensome for your pocket as they use too much fuel. But with window tints, these issues can easily be solved.

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