Burglar Entry Points and How to Prevent Them [Infographic]

Burglar Entry Points and How to Prevent Them [Infographic]

When you are inside your home, it is only understandable that you would expect that you will be safe. However, that is not always the case. Whether outside or inside your home, accidents and illicit activities can still happen. One example is burglary.

No one wishes for this to happen to them. However, many people have still become a victim of this crime. Burglary is among the most common crimes that authorities face every day. In the recent statistics presented by Policy Advice, about 2.5 million burglaries are happening per year. A massive chunk of this number is from home break-ins (66%), and this is utterly bothering.

Burglar Entry Points and How to Prevent Them - Infographic

While movies and TV series show scenes with elaborate break-ins and daunting heists, most burglary jobs are much simpler and quicker. To give you an example, here are some of the most accessible burglar entry points and how you can prevent them.

Front door

It is hard to imagine how one would be so brazen enough to enter your home uninvited, much more use your front door. However, this remains one of the most common entry points for burglars. Many people are so used to leaving their spare keys under pot plants or doormats. And while it is understandable that homeowners do this for their convenience, you must know that intruders can quickly find these hidden keys and use this to enter your home. Moreover, if your door looks weak enough, they can even try knocking it down.


Windows being included in this list is not a surprise anymore. Even in movies or TV series, most intruders enter a premise illegally through windows. After all, they are the weakest point of entry in most homes. You might be thinking that the sound of broken glass is enough to call your or your neighbor’s attention, but that is not the case – most people will ignore this sound if they only hear it once. In addition, some homes have windows that burglars do not even need to shatter. All they have to do is break the locks and enter your house freely.

Garage doors

Besides the two mentioned above, garage doors remain on top entry points for burglars. Typically, your garage is the key storage unit of your home. This means most of your expensive stuff, such as vehicles, tools, and equipment, can be found here. Burglars are also fully aware that your garage door is another entry point into your home. And most people tend to leave the door between their garage and house unlocked, assuming that their garage roller door is strong enough to prevent intruders.

How to prevent burglars from entering your home?

Here are some tips you can remember to avoid any intruder from illegally entering your home.

  1. Lock your front door
  2. Secure other entry points, such as side doors, back doors, and any patio doors
  3. Close your garage door and lock the door coming into your home
  4. Tend to your garden and leave a light on
  5. Install CCTV cameras
  6. Apply a window film Omaha NE on your glass doors and windows

Window Tint vs. Burglars

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