How to avoid bubbling of your window tint?

How to avoid bubbling of your window tint?

Window tint has been proven to bring many benefits to its users. Tinting has lived up to its purpose of protecting anyone from the sun glare and harmful UV rays. Aside from this, the tints also never compromise aesthetics and the natural light coming in. And while it is true that window tints provide all these advantages, one great concern most tint users have are bubbles forming.

Air bubbles are a regular occurrence upon window tint installation. These bubbles can last up until two weeks. However, if the air bubbles are still visible even after two weeks, it is probably a result of an improper tint installation. No one wants to suffer from these frustrating bubbles, so let this article help you on how you can avoid them.

Seek help from a professional

Hiring a professional to do your window tint installation may come with a hefty price. Of course, aside from paying for the window tint itself, you also have to pay for the service. However, this is more cost-efficient than doing it yourself and ending up with an improperly installed window tint. You might just end up spending more.

Apart from this, if a tinting company installed your tints, chances are, your tints will have a warranty. With this, it will be easier for you to have the company check and fix your tints. But if by any chance, you were not provided with a warranty, you should never be put off in taking your vehicle to the auto shop. It should be part of their job to help you with it.


If you have ended up buying and installing the window tint by yourself and you see bubbles even after two weeks of installation, you can stop worrying because there are still ways to restore it.

If your tints are already old, it is more advisable to have them replaced already. But if you want to max out its use or if your tints are new, here are some ways you can do to eradicate the bubbles.

Apply Heat

Applying a little heat will make the tints and adhesive flexible and easier for you to manipulate. You can either use a heat gun or a hairdryer for this process. But if you want to save electricity, you can place your vehicle under the sun for some free heat.

Use Soap and Water

Soap and water are the number one cleaning agent for window tints. However, soapy water also plays a significant role in taking the bubbles off of your tint. Once your tints have been exposed to heat, the next step you should do is to apply soapy water. The soapy water will weaken both tint and its adhesive, making it more pliable. Applying it generously over the whole surface will make your job a lot easier.

Pin the Bubbles

After applying heat and soapy bubbles to your window tints, you will need a sharp object like a pin or needle. Use this sharp object to prick a tiny hole in the center of the bubbles. But remember to poke the tiniest possible you can to avoid the tint from tearing up.

Iron out the Bubbles

In doing this step, it is better if you have a squeegee. But if you do not have one, an old debit or credit card will do. All you have to do is to get the bubbles out by gently scraping your window tint. Start with the outermost edge of the bubble, then press down firmly and slide the card or squeegee towards the middle. In doing this, you must take your time and do it as gently as you can to avoid ripping the window film.

The best way to avoid air bubbles

Bubbles may be a normal occurrence for tints, but that does not mean it is inevitable. If you want to make sure you will never experience the hassle of removing air bubbles from your window film, always rely on a trustworthy window tinting company like KEPLER Window Film and Coatings.

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