How To Make Your Window Tint Last? [Infographics]

How To Make Your Window Tint Last? [Infographics]

It is perfectly normal for car owners to take care and give the best treatment for their vehicles. After all, purchasing a car can cost a fortune. And one way to ensure your vehicle’s protection is through window tinting.

Window tinting has been proven to provide numerous benefits. It has played a great role in protecting your car’s interior from the harsh UV rays and sun glares. And when you have window tints installed, of course, you would want to get the best off of your window tint investment by keeping them for a long time.

Typically, hybrid or ordinary window tints can last for at least five years. Meanwhile, if you are using a DIY window tint, its life expectancy would depend on how you have installed them. DIY window tints could last as long as the professionally installed ones if they were properly applied. On the other hand, cheap window tints are expected to last for only a year. Although they can function and provide protection just like the rest of the window films, they might wear off so much easier than premium quality films.

Window tints have already expected life span depending on their price. However, the way you maintain your window films can also make them long-lasting. So here are some tips on how you can make your window tint last.

Use the right equipment and products for cleaning

Keeping your window tints free from dirt is one way to ensure its longevity. However, you must be mindful of the cleaning equipment and products you will be using. In cleaning your window tints, you should never use abrasive equipment such as brushes. Microfiber cloth is the most advisable for cleaning and wiping your tinted windows.

Apart from this, you must also remember never to use ammonia-based cleaning products for your window tints. Ammonia can cause discoloration and bubbles forming on your tints. There are particular types of cleaners which can be found in the market. However, if you are in a rush or on a tight budget, you can simply use water and liquid soap, baby shampoo, or dish soap without grease-cutting ingredients.

Watch out for the Bubbles

Bubbles occur as a normal part of the installation process and stay there for as long as two weeks. However, if they did not disappear after two weeks, this can be a clear indication of a poor window tint installation. And improper tint installation will never let you enjoy your window films for a long time.

Aside from improper installation, air bubbles can also appear after having your tints installed for a long time. However, if you still want to use your tints until they are completely worn out, here’s a DIY tip. You can use a credit card or a rubber squeegee to smoothen out the tint and push out the bubbles.

Wait before you wash

Upon installation of your window tints, it is entirely okay to get excited over it. Who wouldn’t be if your car windows are now fully tinted? However, you must remember that no matter how excited you may be, you have to wait for several days before thoroughly cleaning your tinted windows. Curing can take around seven to thirty days, depending on the climate. Applying water on your tinted windows before they can fully dry up will result in air bubbles forming.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun

When you park your car, make sure never to expose it to direct sunlight. Find a shady parking area as much as possible because direct exposure to sunlight can cause window films to degrade quicker.

Indeed a superior window film can last longer than the cheaper ones. However, that does not mean you would never encounter tinting issues when you use premium quality films. The lifespan of your tint will depend not only on its quality but on how you maintain it as well. Entrusting the installation process to a reliable window tinter like KEPLER Window Films and Coatings can also create a big difference.

KEPLER Window Films and Coatings specializes in providing the best services and window tint products for vehicle, commercial, and residential properties. If you are around the USA, you can find your nearest KEPLER window tinter through this link or fill out our online form for a free quote.

How To Make Your Window Tint Last - Infographics

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